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You’ve worked hard all week and can’t wait to get home to see your kids, spend time with family, take a trip, or, sometimes most blissful of all, just relax with your free time. So what do you do? You definitely don’t want to sacrifice your weekend plans to do yard work. You turn to us, a lawn service near you! We’ve got the equipment, manpower, and experience to take care of even the worst weekend nightmares. Give us a call and we’ll come out quickly so you can reclaim your free time!

Nederland, Tx Lawn Care Service

Lawn Care Maintenance:
-Mow turf area at a 3″ height.
-Weedeat and Edge around buildings, objects, and concrete.
-Blow surfaces where grass clippings are found.

Yard Services

Lawn Care

Take stress out of the equation by letting us maintain your lawn with consistent schedules and reliable mowing, weedeating & edging.

Hedge Trimming

Remember to keep the hedges and bushes well groomed throughtout the year. If needed we can tackle that problem on a regular basis.

Flowerbed Maint.

Do the flowerbeds need some attention? We can help keep them clear of unwanted weeds.

Tree Trimming

Low hanging limbs and overgrown tree lines can be an eyesore. Let us trim and dispose of the debris for you.

Leaf Cleanup

At certain times it’s necessary to do some cleaning around the yard. We’re happy to come remove unwanted leaves.

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The 409 Mowers is an insured & legitimate lawn and landscaping company in southeast Texas.  We pride ourselves on reliability and customer service. It has always been our promise to deliver quality services which are now reflected in our customer reviews... Read More

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