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Lawn Care

Take stress out of the equation by letting us maintain your lawn with consistent schedules and reliable mowing, weedeating & edging.

Hedge Trimming

Remember to keep the hedges and bushes well groomed throughtout the year. If needed we can tackle that problem on a regular basis.

Flowerbed Maint.

Do the flowerbeds need some attention? We can help keep them clear of unwanted weeds.

Tree Trimming

Low hanging limbs and overgrown tree lines can be an eyesore. Let us trim and dispose of the debris for you.

Leaf Cleanup

At certain times it’s necessary to do some cleaning around the yard. We’re happy to come remove unwanted leaves.

How We Operate

Our experience since 2011 has showed us that most homeowners are pressured for time. By contacting us, you are on the way to significantly reducing the stress, hassle, and of course the heat of maintaining your lawn. You can rest easy knowing your property is in the hands of professionals, regardless of what Mother Nature throws at us. We encourage you to become an active participant in this process as we welcome all comments and suggestions.

March through October, your lawn will be mowed, edged, trimmed, and blown. Round up and hedge trimming may be done throughout the season as well. In November we switch to winter maintenance and come much less frequently, helping to mulch leaves and keeping the yard well groomed. Optional leaf removal and general yard clean-up becomes the priority. In addition to lawn maintenance, we work with landscape contractors so that other property maintenance needs are met.

As we all know Southeast Texas weather can be unpredictable and at times your lawn will not be mowed due to recent rainfall or other concerns. When we feel your area is dry enough we will attempt to service the route you are on. Remember, we are doing our best to manage your yard and that damage to your lawn is possible if servicing occurs at the wrong time. We strive to build a relationship with you rather than simply collect a check.

Invoices for completed jobs will be available to you via email or the client portal along with receipts for credit cards. Here’s how we accept payments:

  • Do nothing – We will charge your credit card after completion. You may use your client portal to update your personal and payment information. The portal website link can be found on your invoices.

  • Mail – Only checks made out to The 409 Mowers, LLC are accepted. We ask that you mail checks in advance so that credit cards are not charged while mail is in transit.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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