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5 Steps for Installing Christmas Lights

Christmas is getting close and once Thanksgiving has passed we'll start breaking out the holiday lights. It never hurts to double check that you have everything in order before getting on the roof. Here are my tips for hanging Christmas lights to help avoid those...

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Fairy Rings Announce the Presence of Disease

Spring showers might bring May flowers, but rainy summer days are often followed by fairy rings feeding the imaginations of daydreamers of all ages. However, Jasper County Extension Agent Brock Fry advised that fairy rings are actually a sign of a diseased lawn....

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Tips for a Fun 4th! ..Minus the Burns

By Diana Askew, Beacon Reporter Those lazy, hazy days of summer have arrived, and 4th of July celebrations are here just in time to combat childhood boredom. With school being out and students ever looking for something to do, the colorful boxes in local...

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Taking the Sting out of Spring; Weed Control

By Diana Askew, Beacon Reporter As the dreary days of winter come to a close, spring green is making its first appearance, with unsavory weeds leading the charge, including the stinging and sticker sort. Last summer brought an explosion of the pesky ‘stickers’ in...

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DIY: Time For Mulch?

Mulch is a great way to protect your plants from pests and the environment as well as acting as a barrier to keep them from drying out.  Mulch doesn't have to be the standard bag you buy at the store. It can be anything used to cover the ground near your plants....

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Why and When to Sharpen Blades

Before we get started I just want to mention we don't offer blade sharpening as a service. Just wanted to spread the word! Who doesn't want a nice house behind a nice yard? I sure do. However, keeping a healthy and attractive yard can be quite a bit of work,...

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Service Areas

The 409 Mowers is happy to provide lawn care maintenance to any area that is feasible for travel. We currently service Mid County (Nederland, Port Neches, Groves) as well as Buna and Silsbee. If you are outside of these areas call and find out if we can make it...

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How We Accept Payments

We use credit card payments as our main source of collection. It makes the process much more convenient for everyone and takes out the hassle of remembering to mail out a check every month. Some companies force customers to pay a convenience fee, but we take care of...

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DIY: Removing Burweed

A DIY guide for getting rid of that pesky Burweed (aka Stickers & Stinging Grass). This post contains steps everyone can use to remove and prevent the emergence of one of the lesser loved plants.

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